assisting great companies to

solve hard-hitting

addressing transformation holistically.

not your typical ‘A-to-B’ approach

With the rapid evolving complexities in the business landscape, enterprises require more than incremental growth; they require transformation with certain levels of integration and alignment that only experts in their own right can deliver. Our transformation model and reputable implementation process recognises sixteen critical areas to address transformation holistically and integrate with the entire enterprise.

Our key goal is to improve and revolutionise the world of business.  We pride ourselves on asking the right questions, challenging thinking, inspiring people and unlocking the potential to address the challenges of the working world.

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our footprint.

We partner with countless clients globally. With our vast experience in sixteen countries across five continents, we understand the complexity of the current economic landscape.

We have strategically located our offices and expertise to meet the needs of our clients in a effective and efficient manner. Our regional model allows us to understand your local context and deliver services that are unique, timeous and successful. For more information on how to get in contact with our regional experts, click on the link below.

Our Offices

our experience

We are privileged and proud to say that we have embarked on transformation journeys across the globe and have been exposed to many cultures in the process.

One of our key strengths is derived from our cross-sectoral experience with practice in multiple industries over the past three decades.

We have the unique ability to derive from our key learnings in each one of these industries and cross-pollinate successes in the other.

our reputable clients.

StratisQ refers to the global firm, and may refer to one or more, of the member companies of StratisQ Holdings, each of which is a separate legal entity. StratisQ Holdings, an Australian company limited by guarantee, does not provide services to clients.