od interventions.

Organisations looking to prosper in an environment, governed by an ever-constant state of flux, need to redirect their organisational mindset in the direction of a clear strategic goal. 


Change strategies can be challenging and, as such, a well-researched structure is required to manage change effectively. The StratisQ OD Model is one that follows a structured approach to transforming an organisation’s Change Agility Mindset.  Changing an organisation’s mindset requires effort and time, in changing the way things are done within that organisation.

In doing so, change is best supported by following a structured approach to manage planned changes.  In addition to this, StratisQ’s structured approach makes provision to support the agile nature of the world of work, where not all changes are planned from the onset of a project.  For these reasons, the Change Agility Curve is underpinned by various milestones. At each milestone, an organisation will have a sense of what it is they are working towards achieving. Due to the bespoke nature of the StratisQ offerings, the milestones in the latter portion of the journey curve are designed and developed in partnership with StratisQ.

the StratisQ Organisation Development (OD) Model is a vehicle that can transport the notion of a Change Agility Mindset.