safety culture transformation.

Globally many people are employed in high-risk environments where safe behaviour plays a crucial role in day-to-day tasks. Given the advancements in technology and systems which provide us with ample opportunities to improve control in our workplaces, why do injuries, production stoppages, litigations and fatalities still occur?

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An increase in positive organisational culture and safety ownership within an organisation is typically associated with an increase in good corporate citizenship behaviours. These behaviours have been linked with numerous desirable outcomes such as an increase in productivity and engagement levels, as well as a decrease in absenteeism and at-risk behaviours.

As a result, we typically see that as an organisation moves along the adoption curve, the need for safety enforcement decreases and productivity levels are positively influenced.

our approach toward culture transformation is internally driven on an individual level and offers a supporting methodology that integrates well with existing practices and systems.