safety culture transformation.

Globally many people are employed in high-risk environments where safe behaviour plays a crucial role in day-to-day tasks. Given the advancements in technology and systems which provide us with ample opportunities to improve control in our workplaces, why do injuries, production stoppages, litigations and fatalities still occur?

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We advocate a tried and tested Organisation Development (OD) methodology that guides the organisations we work with towards a desired future state where personal ownership for safety becomes a newly entrenched mindset. And with it, new behaviours that unlock value in the delivery of safe, quality production. A change in mindset requires a change in the way organisations do the things they do, and embarking on a culture transformation journey to support such change takes time.

From experience, we know that following a structured approach to managing planned change delivers the best results. That is why our approach to effective change management is supported by PDS journey milestones. Each milestone provides an indication of the rate at which an organisation is progressing towards adopting new, safer ways of working on the roadmap towards fully-fledged safety ownership.

Through the combination and collective knowledge of change management and organisation development principles, the People Driven Safety™ (PDS) methodology was designed to facilitate organisations through the safety culture transformation journey. The methodology makes use of evidence-based principles to diagnose the current state of an organisation’s safety culture, and tactically design a strategy towards its desired internalised future state.

our approach toward culture transformation is internally driven on an individual level and offers a supporting methodology that integrates well with existing practices and systems.